Written 12/14/16 I wake up in my mediocre bed, and get dressed in my mediocre clothes. I drive my mediocre car to my mediocre job, drink mediocre coffee, but I dare not oppose. I suppose I should be satisfied, for others have less than me. But I can't help that I want more in life, … Continue reading Mediocre


This Parallel Reflection

Written on 9/6/10 I'm looking right at you, what is it that I see? Nothing but the faults. I see right through me. This parallel reflection, reminds me of the past. The hurt and pain and selfishness, did I grow up too fast? I can think of many ways, for I have done you wrong. … Continue reading This Parallel Reflection

Stare of fate

Written on 8/12/10 Your eyes have so much power over me. They are full of secrets and mysteries. So intense. When our eyes look into that deep, passionate stare, my body chills from the rush. Everything around us stops, and we are frozen in this moment. We aren't just looking at each other. We can … Continue reading Stare of fate

Dark Angel

Written on 10/8/07 Dark angel of the night, you fly ever so gracefully. Your wings thick and black to guide you. You sing a lullaby to help me fall asleep. On the rooftop, I can see you mauling at the enemy. Retrieving all of his strength. You're growing stronger every second, but your heart is … Continue reading Dark Angel


Written on 7/21/05 Cupid's arrows didn't miss, they hit me like a dart. He shot at me over and over again, he punctured my only heart. But he must have missed you, because you didn't fall. Unlike me, you felt nothing at all. Now all I do is cry so much, I'm drowning in my … Continue reading Goodbye