I'm on an incredible journey with incredible women! I joined Rodan and Fields at the end of February, and I couldn't be more excited! I'm going to tell you guys about where I was before I joined, how I was introduced to this company, my "Why," and my vision as to where I see myself … Continue reading Vision


A young girl’s traumatic experience

I've decided to share another story from my past. This is something I could never forget. It was very traumatizing as a child, but has since become quite funny. Let's begin... I was 7 years old, which means my sister was 8. We grew up in a small town where it wasn't out of the … Continue reading A young girl’s traumatic experience


I don't know life any other way but to have a sister. I'm the youngest, and my sister is 14 months older than me. It was just the two of us growing up. We have a stepsister as well who is awesome, but she is 9 years older than me, so I don't have many … Continue reading Sisters