To all my Pintrest lovers out there!!!!! I'm sure you have boards with endless pins on recipes you'd just LOVE to make!!! But then you never really make them. Am I right? So I decided to make this breakfast dish that I thought looked AMAZING! It was a crockpot meal, so that was a bonus. … Continue reading Breakfast



Today's complaint is in regards to other drivers on the road. I can't be the only person who feels this way, so you can probably relate. I understand sometimes you're running late (this happens to me occasionally as well), or maybe you are just really impatient, but I seriously can't STAND when a driver is … Continue reading Pettiness

Not Fair

I know I know... Life's not fair. I am fully aware of this fact, and life being unfair is not what I'm referring to. I work for a small company with 6 total employees. Two of which are owner-operators. There are the 4 technicians, and us 2 girls in the office. The other woman I … Continue reading Not Fair