Written 12/14/16 I wake up in my mediocre bed, and get dressed in my mediocre clothes. I drive my mediocre car to my mediocre job, drink mediocre coffee, but I dare not oppose. I suppose I should be satisfied, for others have less than me. But I can't help that I want more in life, … Continue reading Mediocre


Mom shaming

You know, I am lucky enough to have not experienced this personally. Maybe it's because I try to only surround myself with positive people, or maybe it's because I don't do anything "shame-worthy." That's bullshit. No mom does anything "shame-worthy" unless she is putting her children in harm's way. I decided to write this because … Continue reading Mom shaming


I don't know when it happened. If it was abrupt, or if it slowly faded out of my priority list. I remember growing up and always playing outside as a young kid. I got older, and I was always involved in sports. I absolutely loved to challenge my body physically. Learning how strong my muscles … Continue reading Motivation


Just saying it out loud gives me an ominous feeling. I imagine a dark, foggy, forest. Or an abandoned building, possibly haunted. But for moms, this word is magical! Or more times than not, it means our child is up to something. We are surrounded by noise. From illegible babbles, to fake cries to get … Continue reading Silence

How to: Handle stress when your toddler doesn’t have an OFF button

I honestly don't know if there is anyway to actually accomplish this... Can a mom even be stress-free? My son is 1 1/2, and he is the light of my life. He's my truest love, my best friend, my motivation, my joy, my everything. By being my everything, that also means that he's my button-pusher, … Continue reading How to: Handle stress when your toddler doesn’t have an OFF button