It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, and let me start by saying how much I’ve missed it!

I’ve been very busy with my business and life in general, and for you fellow writers, it takes a decent amount of time to sit down and let your thoughts flow through your fingertips.

For those who don’t know, I am a consultant with Rodan and Fields! I joined at the end of February, and I’m loving every minute! What is it that I love, you ask?? Well, for those who know me personally, you know I have a list prepared! =)

  • I love that I don’t have to do parties
  • I love that I don’t have to carry inventory
  • I love that there is minimal overhead
  • I love that I am truly helping people
  • I love that I am the one who shares the gift of beautiful and healthy skin with the people in my network
  • I love that I am the one who shares the gift of possible time and financial freedom with the people in my network
  • I love that I am my own boss
  • I love that I can put in a small amount of time each day dedicated to this business and it’s bringing me success
  • I love that I have made so many friends through the teams I’m a part of
  • I love that we have such incredible FREE training from top leaders in the company EVERY day!
  • I love that I’m not missing moments with my son
  • I love that when my son is of school age (about 3-4 more years), my business will have completely replaced my full time income as well as supplement some of my man’s
  • I love that I will be able to fund vacations/experiences for my family without having to use credit cards or stress about affording it
  • I love that with this business I will be able to pay off our debt in just a short amount of time
  • I love that I don’t have to answer to anyone in regards to my business
  • I love that I don’t have to miss holidays or weekends with my family
  • I love that through building my business, I will be rewarded with luxurious trips/vacations, and even a brand new Lexus from this generous company
  • I love that we celebrate EVERYTHING! From our first customer, to our first business partner, to our first promotion, all the way to being a (one day) RFX achiever!
  • I love that I get my products at the deepest discount
  • I love that all of the products I use personally and the ones I send as samples are tax write-offs
  • I love that my business kit was a tax write-off
  • I love that part of my phone/internet bill is a tax write-off
  • I love that seriously a TON of things I pay for in my everyday life are tax write-offs
  • I love that I have no requirements to do anything with my business, and there aren’t penalties if I don’t do a damn thing
  • I love that our brand is the #1 skincare brand across all categories in all of North America (since that’s the only location we are-as of now). We are going global this year by launching in Australia! ❤
  • I love that all of our products are clinically proven to work
  • I love that even with being #1 and being clinically proven, all of our products are STILL backed by a 60 day (empty bottle) money back guarantee
  • I love that we became the #1 skincare brand all while having no advertising budget and only being sold by word of mouth! All the press we’ve been featured in was completely FREE and we aren’t sold in brick and mortar stores ANYWHERE!
  • I love that anyone interested in starting their own business by joining have the relief of also having a 60 day money back guarantee on our business kits! (WHAT!?)
  • I love that Forbes magazine called Rodan and Fields a 3-5 year retirement plan!
  • I love that there is a Fast Start program for new consultants that incentivizes them to grow their business by allowing them the opportunity to earn their initial investment back up to 2 time!
  • I love that I am witnessing incredible success each an every day from real people who are no better than me in any sense (other than that they joined sooner).
  • I love that through saying yes to this incredible opportunity, it has made me realize not only my potential in life, but it’s opened my mind to the possibilities that I never imagined were attainable.
  • I love that it’s created such a positive mindset in me that I didn’t realize I could have
  • I love that I genuinely believe in myself
  • I love that I KNOW I will achieve success regardless of the skeptics
  • I love that I am watching people’s lives change for the better
  • I love that running my own business is so flexible, that I can put in the necessary time literally anywhere (as long as there’s internet). Ex: Waiting in lines, during my son’s nap time, right after I wake up (still in my pjs), right before I go to bed (in my pjs), during commercials of my favorite shows, sitting poolside getting a tan, riding the trolley at the zoo while spending my day with my son, etc. All while not taking away time from my family. =)
  • I love that I don’t feel like I’m selling. I am sharing these incredible products and amazing business opportunity with people. It’s up to them if they are looking for better skin or a change in their current 9-5 to better their life.
  • I love that my business can be anything I want it to be… Whether that’s an extra $100-200/month, or whether it’s life changing income ($10,000+/month). That’s possible, and I’ve seen (and am seeing) it happen to regular people doing the same thing I’m doing
  • I love EVERYTHING about my business!

So, there you have it folks. I absolutely love everything this company has to offer. If you are in the United States, Canada, or Australia, I’d love to schedule a time for us to talk for about 15 minutes if you are interested in learning more about what this opportunity could do for you and your family. Or if you want to get the best skin of your life, I’d love to be the one to help you transform into your healthiest skin that you’ve ever had! ❤ Look me up on Facebook (Chelsea Merkle). I look forward to talking with you!!

Just a few pics of our products and before/afters.

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