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I joined Rodan and Fields at the end of February, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m going to tell you guys about where I was before I joined, how I was introduced to this company, my “Why,” and my vision as to where I see myself going with this.

I will start by telling you that I am a regular person. I didn’t come from wealth, and I’ve never had wealth (in the form of money). I work full time, raise my son, and do the same routine we all do. There’s nothing wrong with working 40 hours a week. In fact, it’s commendable. To dedicate yourself to a job/career in order to provide for yourself and/or your family is truly wonderful. There are people out there who would love the chance to work a full time job but are unable.

Now when I say I’m a regular person, I mean it. I grew up in a small town of about 5,000 people. I graduated with mostly the same people that I had gone to school with for 12 years. My first job was in fast food. I was a waitress after that. I started working at a hospital at the age of 18 at a very low-paying job that I actually liked. Switched jobs after 4 years to a different position in the hospital that was a little more respected, but still nothing worthy of a doctor’s glance and “Hello,” (unless it was Dr. T). I took a college program to receive my Associate’s degree in occupational studies, and I intended on going to school to be an Ultrasound Technician. Due to life happening and things changing, I ended up starting a job as a server for a bar/pool hall where I met the man of my dreams. Our relationship quickly became a forever one. I got pregnant with our son, and I haven’t looked back.


I never went to school to become an Ultrasound Technician, and I’m not upset about that. Life has brought us to this moment in time, and I’m currently working at an HVAC company, basically running the office. The job is pretty easy, the pay is decent, and the hours/flexibility is pretty great. However, it’s not what I would consider a fulfilling job. I don’t go home excited about what I did that day, and I don’t really look forward to the next day.

So here it is… My “Why!” The REASON I decided to take a chance and join Rodan and Fields. I currently see my son about 10 hours each week (not counting the weekends). Each day after I pick him up and get back home, I get him dinner, and I have approximately 1-2 hours with him before it’s his bedtime. It truly kills me inside that he is growing so quickly and learning all these new things while I’m not around to witness it. My Why is simple right now. I just want to have more time. I want more time with my son, my family, to be able to partake in hobbies I’ve long forgotten, and to CHOOSE what my days look like. I want that freedom. In order to have that time freedom, I will also need financial freedom. Well, unless I made a change and actually DID something, I would never have gotten another stream of income. It’s crazy, but people aren’t just coming to my house with giant checks and telling me I’m a millionaire.


When I was approached about this business, I hadn’t used ANY of the products. I had facts though, and that’s what got me intrigued. I knew that the same world renowned dermatologists who created ProActiv were the same ones to begin this brand. If they did it once, surely they could do it again. Especially now that they are helping people with ALL skin concerns, not just acne. I also knew that my leader/friend/cousin (basically) was unbelievably happy sharing these products, helping other people, and was successful. I also knew that there were ENDLESS testimonies to the products and the satisfaction rate is undeniable. It is the #1 Premium Anti-aging brand in the United States and it is the #1 Premium Acne brand in the United States. Those two facts right there were huge to me because people are always aging, and there will always be people who struggle with acne and breakouts.

I saw an opportunity that could take me to a great place if I harnessed my focus and energy in whatever spare time I had into building my very own business. So my mind was made up.

I finally joined (after months of my leader talking to me about it and answering all of my questions)! I was all in, and let me tell you… I have NEVER been part of such a welcoming, encouraging, empowering, friendly, positive group of women in my entire life. From day 1, I had friend requests from strangers on my team (that I’ve since gotten to know a little bit). We celebrate every accomplishment of everyone. No matter how big or how small. When I got my very first customer, my team was congratulating me and giving me virtual high fives, and it felt great! I didn’t become a millionaire from one customer, but the support I felt really made me want that next one!

Not to mention, since I’ve joined, I have tried these products!!! Seriously you guys, the hype isn’t all for nothing. My skin feels incredible! And don’t get me started on the Lash Boost!!! Not only do I have the belief in the company and the brand, but I also have the passion because I know how these products can truly change the way people feel about themselves. I have the passion to change people’s lives! What other company gives back like we do!? Our Prescription for Change is undoubtedly a humbling program that allows us to give back where it’s needed. Talk about fulfillment!

I am ready to grow my team and build a business for myself and all who join me to change lives! I am ready to move forward in this adventure and help people feel confident in their skin all while pursuing my goals to get closer to my Why. I am looking for 2 people (minimum) to join me in business by the end of April!

I am ready to lock arms with you and lead you to accomplish your own goals. To help you declare your own Why and support you while you work towards it. Rodan and Fields is expanding! We are in the United States, Canada, and soon we’ll be in Australia! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Who is ready to join me!? Who is ready to make a change in their life and their future!? You might be nervous, or scared, but I was too. Truth is, making any sort of change is nerve wracking. Comment if you want to learn more or if you have any questions, or send me a friend request on my Facebook page. I’d love to see how far we can take this!

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