My Boy

Everyday that I have with my son is a gift. I have known others who aren’t as lucky as I to be able to wake up with their baby and also lay them down to sleep every night. I do not take this for granted, and I try to absorb as much of this love as I can.

He is perfection!

From the tippy top of his whispy blonde hair, to his itty-bitty toes, I adore everything about him.

At the pure age of only 1 1/2, he’s learning so quickly. Every day he is doing something new that he wasn’t doing the day before.

Just yesterday I was playing with my pint sized little buddy, when I got down on his level so he could climb on my back. What kid doesn’t love piggyback rides?

Normally, I have to contort my arms to hold him in place since he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of holding on just yet.

As he comes in close to me, he wraps both his arms around my neck and holds on tight. Which is exactly what I tell him to do every time.

I was amazed! He knew what to do! He’s not aware of how impressed his dad and I were at that. He was just going for a ride with his Mommy.

There were a few moments last night where his dad and I just looked at each other in absolute wonder that our little boy has grown overnight.

Normally, this little stinker will whine and/or fake cry whilst saying, “Cgh-cgh,” which is toddler lingo for “cookie.” He always wants cookies! Seriously, why did we ever give him one to begin with!? Must be bad parenting.

So anyway, we always tell him that after he eats his dinner, he can have a cookie. There was a short period of time when this kid just wouldn’t eat! He was testing our resolve to see if we’d give him cookies without him eating his dinner first. Well, we stuck our ground, and there were a few nights where his dinner wasn’t exactly the most nutritious, or even a lot of food, but he didn’t go to bed hungry, and he didn’t get the cookies.

Last night, as soon as we get in the house he’s asking for cookies (per routine), but he wasn’t throwing a fit or making as big a fuss as normal. We just made his dinner, and you wouldn’t believe it! He ate every. Single. Bite! After he finished his dinner, he asked for cookies again.

He isn’t fully communicating with words yet, but he understands what we are saying (most of the time, I think…?). He knew that after he ate his dinner we said he could have a cookie. So you betcha we gave that kid a couple cookies for dessert!

The last thing he did that his dad and I couldn’t believe actually happened. He brought his dad the package of wipes, then went and grabbed a diaper and brought that over to him as well while saying, “Da-pa.” Then he went, grabbed one of his favorite books, came back to his dad, and allowed him to change his diaper while he was looking at his book!

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Our little boy matured overnight! What did I miss!? In just one day he learned so many new things.

He doesn’t even know how proud we are of him, but we are. I knew he would grow and learn, but I didn’t know it would happen so quickly.

I will do my best to continue to absorb as much as I possibly can, because who knows? Tomorrow he could be completely different, and I don’t want to miss anything.

This concludes The Daily Dose of Positivity.









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