Not Fair

I know I know… Life’s not fair. I am fully aware of this fact, and life being unfair is not what I’m referring to.

I work for a small company with 6 total employees. Two of which are owner-operators. There are the 4 technicians, and us 2 girls in the office. The other woman I work with is the wife of one of the owners.

It is a growing company, and I truly like each and every person within it. I knew coming into this position that my role would grow along with the company. My duties would expand and I’d figure out my own routine of how to do my job.

The married couple had a baby (he’s almost 6 months now), and he is so stinkin sweet!! I love that little boy. She didn’t take a typical maternity leave because work had to get done around here. She was only home for two weeks before she came back to work. She brings the little guy with her and it’s no problem whatsoever.

However, at least once a day that they’re here over the last 6 months where he’s super fussy (normal baby behavior), and she finds it difficult to get much done, she’ll ask if I want to hold him for a bit. Well, of course I do! Who wouldn’t want to hold a cuddly little baby!? That’s not what bothers me.

What bothers me is that I have a son (he’s 1 1/2), and I have to pay almost $700 a month to keep him in daycare. I would absolutely LOVE to spend my days with my boy! Along with saving that money.

I know he would be a distraction, but I mean… Her son is too… He isn’t mobile yet, so that’s why I don’t mind so much. Who knows, maybe they have plans for a sitter or having her work from home once he’s running around. I don’t know their personal plans. He is a full time nursing baby though, and she plans to continue that, so unless she works from home, I’m fairly certain she will still be coming to work. With the kiddo.

I am a pretty laid back person, and I am not wanting to start a problem because it’s not a huge one yet, but to me it just doesn’t seem fair. She’s the wife of an owner (which basically makes her an owner), so can I even say something? Can I ask for a raise since I’m spending money on daycare that they are saving? Or because I babysit through the days when he’s here as well?

Again, I love the people I work with, and I love that little boy! His blue eyes and smile will melt your heart. But I love my son more. And I could definitely spend $700 a month on something else.

That concludes The Daily Complaint.


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