Written 12/14/16

I wake up in my mediocre bed,
and get dressed in my mediocre clothes.
I drive my mediocre car to my mediocre job,
drink mediocre coffee, but I dare not oppose.
I suppose I should be satisfied,
for others have less than me.
But I can’t help that I want more in life,
I refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Things are going to change,
and goals are going to be reached.
I want my son to see me succeed,
therefore different avenues must be breached.
I’ll lead by example and never give up,
I won’t let him see me fail.
He’ll learn to work hard and never quit,
and from blood, sweat, and tears a winner will prevail.

I want to wake up in an extraordinary bed,
and get dressed in my extraordinary clothes.
I want to drive my extraordinary car anywhere I choose,
fore I’ll have an extraordinary career that I’d never oppose.
That is when I’ll be satisfied.
Helping others who have less than me.
To help them realize this life we live,
can be so extraordinary.

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