How do you like your coffee?

I’ve recently switched the way I drink my coffee.

From the time I started drinking coffee, I was the epitome of a “basic bitch.” I had loads of cream- I have to leave that there because it’s just so funny. But yes, I do know how that sounds- and I had a ton of sweetner as well. The lighter the brown, the better. It could be damn near pale and it was perfect!

Coffee shades

Well I’ve been drinking coffee now for at least 10 years, and something has changed.

One morning we woke up, and we were out of creamer!!!!

I had some at work, so I just had sweetner in it to take with me. No big deal right??

I forgot there wasn’t creamer in it, and in the car I took a sip….. Instead of cringing with disgust, I actually LIKED it!!!

Big Coffee

Who am I? What does this mean?

Am I an old woman now? Am I not so basic? Do I have an underlying hatred for myself?

Now when I take a sip of that BLACK (but sweetened-I’m not a complete lost cause yet) coffee, I sort of miss my old tan cup of joe.


Will I ever go back (you know what they say)? I just can’t justify spending money on the creamer. I have to admit to myself that I’m a grown up now and if I like my coffee without it, I don’t HAVE to add it.

What does the way you take your coffee say about you??

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