Mom shaming

You know, I am lucky enough to have not experienced this personally. Maybe it’s because I try to only surround myself with positive people, or maybe it’s because I don’t do anything “shame-worthy.”

That’s bullshit. No mom does anything “shame-worthy” unless she is putting her children in harm’s way.

I decided to write this because I came across a Facebook post about vaccinating your children. As I read through the comments, there were women being completely awful. Name calling, saying that their whole family should die off (it was in other words referencing their blood line), and other things insulting a woman’s intelligence.

It was appalling to know that there are women out there, raising children, who are still acting like children. To know that their kids are going to grow up and think it’s okay to insult anyone and everyone that doesn’t agree with you. Scary…

I’m going to keep this as short, and to the point, as I can.

I just want to put it out there, that you are never going to have all the right answers. You are never going to be the smartest person. You are never going to have all the insight into other people’s family lives and situations.

With that being said, I’d advise you to just take care of YOUR kiddos the best way you can, and let other parents take care of THEIR kiddos as best as they can.


The only reason you should EVER give your two cents in a negative or demeaning manner to another parent, is if their child is in immediate harm’s way.

Vaccinations have been proven to help stop the spread of disease, but not everyone’s genetic makeup is the same.

There are many cases of children who acquire symptoms of autism (note: I said symptoms) after receiving scheduled vaccinations. I am not saying these children are autistic now, but they might regress their speech, or the way they look people in the eye, or the way they were bubbly and outgoing before but are shy and reserved afterwards.

These things happen.

So if you aren’t absolutely certain someone else’s child won’t have any of these outcomes based on their genetic makeup, please just keep your opinions to yourself. That child’s parent will make the decision for their kids, and anyone who is upset about it will just have to get over it.

Shaming a mother for making a decision regarding her child makes me sick. I can’t believe a mother could do that to another mother, but it happens. I saw it first hand.

I will end my rant because there really isn’t much more to say about it, but if anyone out there is doing this to a mom, please start being a better example for your kids.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Things we teach our kids everyday, but yet so hard for some grown women to live by.

Be a better role model.

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