Get lost

So many interpretations of this simple little phrase…

I am not wishing anyone “get lost” in the context of leaving my general vicinity.

I am not completely meaning that I wish to “get lost” because I’m geographically¬†challenged and would never be able to find my way again.

I am not entirely meaning that my mind will at times “get lost” even though that stands to be true a lot.

Those last two combined is what I’m truly craving.

I want to be out in the woods, next to a fire, with just a few other people, eating s’mores.

Maybe I’m just hungry and happened to be scrolling through my news feed and saw a picture of a girl next to a campfire. Whatever the reason, now I want s’mores.

I also just want to be away from the general population.

I constantly shift back and fourth between my feelings towards human beings. On one hand, I absolutely love people and all the amazing things we are capable of. The many talents individuals have, and the compassion we have towards those less fortunate. On the other hand, I get fed up with the ignorance of others. I’m not perfect, but there are quite a bit of people out there whose brains are corrupt and they believe it justified to treat people with disrespect for some reason. It disgusts me to see intellectual people acting like barbarians.

I don’t want to think about it too much because I find myself getting worked up over these matters. I wish I could just talk to everyone and figure out why they have so much hatred.

There are children out there who need help in so many ways. They might be orphans in the foster system, and they might not be treated well. They might be starving. They might be homeless. They might be abused. I wish I could save all the children of the world, but I can’t.

I’m just rambling on because I saw a picture of a women next to a campfire. Now I’m thinking of how big of a house I’ll need in order to live off the grid, adopt 20 children, and eat s’mores.



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