Just saying it out loud gives me an ominous feeling. I imagine a dark, foggy, forest. Or an abandoned building, possibly haunted.


But for moms, this word is magical! Or more times than not, it means our child is up to something.

We are surrounded by noise. From illegible babbles, to fake cries to get what they want, to giggles and laughter. These kids never shut up.


We’ll be standing in the kitchen when, all of a sudden, we hear nothing. That’s right… Nothing. Instead of enjoying the 3 seconds of it, we immediately race to where we know our child is in order to see what they are doing. Somehow, they’ve managed to reach the butt cream (which was higher than they could reach before), and decided it would be something that could taste good… Not just a sample, but a full meal. Oh, and it’s not just in their mouth, it’s on everything. You’ll find butt cream on toys months down the road.

Or they’ll be sitting by the wall, picking at the outlet covers. Or they’ll be standing on the tiny ledge of table that’s showing from where the T.V. is propped. The possibilities are endless. These kids are smart, and they know to be quiet when they are doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing. (Not my kid below, but an accurate depiction of what all mothers go through after a moment of silence)


Times like these, the silence is stressful. We know that our little one is doing something that is potentially dangerous, and those few moments of quiet before we make our way to them, our heart briefly stops.

Silence when you are alone, however, is unbelievably miraculous! You know that your child is perfectly safe, and you don’t have to carry on a conversation with your man. I happen to be home alone at this very moment, and it’s extremely relaxing.

Now, I told myself that I would take this time to get some stuff done around the house, maybe watch a movie (without having to pause it 1,473,867 times), and be productive.

You know what I’ve done? Absolutely nothing! I haven’t done any housework, I haven’t gotten dinner prepped for tonight, I haven’t turned on the T.V. once, I haven’t turned on Pandora, and I am genuinely loving it. (That’s not my bed, but I wanted you to get an image of how comfortable and relaxed I am)


Tomorrow I will probably regret not doing more with my day, knowing these days are few and far in between, but I am not regretting it right now. Who knows how long it will be until I have the house to myself again?

This kind of silence is a fantasy for all moms.


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