Why are you looking at me like that?

This will be the last trip down memory lane for me today as it is nearing time for me to leave. I was trying to think of anything funny/embarrassing that has happened to me, and guys! There are seriously too many… Then my brain landed on this beauty…

Okay, I was probably around 12 years old as I was in the 7th grade. I had been in all sorts of activities from a young age. Sports, dance, ballet (that was required for dance), gymnastics, piano, choir, I pretty much did everything. If you’ve been following along to my stories, you know that I grew up in a small town. The small town of Odessa, MO to be exact. I actually loved it there.


My gymnastics class was small, and we only had floor mats. No balance beams, no uneven bars, no trampolines, just floor mats. I was moving up in my classes based off of the level of difficulty I was able to master. I had just learned how to do a back-handspring, so I was practicing nonstop when I was home.

Our house growing up was the best (maybe I’m biased, but it really was). We had our own big bedrooms, and our yard was huge! It really stinks now that I’m an adult and I’ll always be looking for a home that can compare, but can you ever really find a home that compares to the one you grew up in? (This picture is not our yard, but just letting you see the lush, green grass. This is how our yard looked)


Anyway… I was always in our yard practicing my back-handsprings. Anyone who has ever done these knows that when you are first learning, they don’t look perfect. You sometimes don’t flip back enough and you land on your head and land on your back. Sometimes you flip back too much and you’ve basically done a back flip but land on your stomach. They look sloppy and really funny to onlookers. (The picture below is what a back handspring should look like)


Our dad had one of those old VHS recorders that held the entire VHS in it. The kind you had to set on your shoulder and look through the piece for your eye to go in order to see what you were recording. He had upgraded and got a recorder that held the smaller VHS mini tapes, so he gave us that big one. I used it ALL THE TIME!


I would take it outside with me and record myself doing gymnastics and other stupid things. I had recorded myself doing back-handsprings so I could see how close I was to getting it right, and to see what I needed to do differently. Well there I was, flipping myself backwards, only to land on my hands without being fully ready, which made my elbows buckle, so I landed on my face and did a worm-like movement from my chest to my stomach and then the rest of the way to the ground. You could say it was less than graceful. (That picture is not me, but my face hit the ground in a similar fashion)


Fast forward to I don’t know how many days or even weeks it was later (which is why I didn’t understand right away what was going on). I’m walking through the halls of our school in between classes, when kids from one grade above me (my sister’s grade) were coming up to me and saying how funny I was, and “That was awesome!” I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about as I didn’t talk to anyone in that grade really. They were looking at me and snickering to themselves, or just laughing as they walked by. I knew my sister must have done something, so I went to ask her. (Look at her… You just know she’s up to something!)


She was laughing and confessed that she had to do a report in one of her classes, and the teacher allowed them to do it in the form of a video. She told me she used the same VHS I had used to record myself, but after her report was over she said, “Do not stop the tape! I repeat: Do not stop the tape!”

Directly following her command (to which the teacher complied and did not stop the tape), everyone in her class watched me face-plant in the grass. I didn’t just eat it, I threw myself at the ground with such excitement and confidence that I stayed in the scorpion position for a second before worming down the rest of the way.

Thanks sis. =)

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