Follow the lea-Oh no!

I’m in a nostalgic kind of mood today as I reminisce on old memories. I want to share them with you readers so that you may find some comic relief to your day, or maybe it will remind you of times in your own lives where some misfortune happened that was just simply hilarious.

I was about 10 years old at the time, and it was a beautiful day outside. I don’t remember the day of the year, but the weather I remember makes me want to say it was in between Spring and Summer. Not too hot or humid, but sunny and warm.


My cousins are twins and they are exactly right in the middle of my sister and I in age (7 months older than me, and 7 months younger than her). We were at their grandparents’ house, and they had a lot of land (their dad’s parents, so not my sister and mine’s grandparents). That family has ridden dirt bikes competitively since as long as I can remember. I can still see the rows and rows of trophies in their basement. All Dr. Seuss style… Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones…


Like I said, my sister and I went with them to their grandparents’ house. My sister was on a paddleboat on their pond, my cousin Tyler was riding a 4-wheeler all over, and my cousin Joanna and I were playing follow-the-leader on 4-wheelers.

Let me take this back to just remind everyone that I was 10, with absolutely no experience on a 4-wheeler except the kind that little kids ride where there is a literal gas pedal and brakes on the handlebars. I had never driven a REAL 4-wheeler before. I figured I would catch on… I did drive it very well, but this thing was much bigger than I, and it had a lot of power…

Back to my story… So Joanna was the “leader” and I was following her. The way I remember it, their grandparent’s pond was nestled atop a hill and it’s as if it were on a volcano. With sloped sides to reach the top, and the water was so gently encompassed by a circular shape that rose out from it just a bit before cresting a minor hill and falling back down the outside. (Obviously that’s a picture of a volcano, but just try to imagine it covered in grass with water not quite to the rim… And a quite significant amount smaller)


She drove her 4-wheeler around the rim of the pond and came to a stop. I start to drive onto the rim of that volcano hill to follow her, but I didn’t get the wheels up on top and I panicked. Instead of just stopping, I accidentally gave it more gas, which in turn drove me down the little bit of land ramping out of the pond, and driving straight into the water.

I freak out since this thing has a motor and gas, and I thought it would explode. So I stand on the seat as it’s slowly submerging into the water, and I jump towards the land. The force of me pushing my body off the seat just made the 4-wheeler go under the water more, and I basically stayed in the same spot, but very awkwardly fell into the pond.

My sister paddles over in the paddleboat, and I think she is going to help me…. Nope… She just stops the boat closer to me in order to make her hysterical laughter known.


I finally get up onto land and we have to go and tell my aunt/uncle what happened. They ended up towing the 4-wheeler out of the pond with a golf cart.


Needless to say, I don’t have any other memories of that place. It could be because I wasn’t invited back, or maybe not, but that memory is as vivid today as it was that very day.


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