12 Months of Reading

I recently finished reading the book “The Life we Bury” by: Allen Eskens. It was a fantastic read! It really pulled you in as a reader, and I found myself moving to the descriptive motions and muttering phrases under my breath as a character would say something. It was very well written. However, I was a bit unpleased with the ending as I felt that the level of intensity the book kept you at throughout just sort of died at the end, and it was over. I would still recommend it to anyone interested in reading a book though. Overall I enjoyed it.


Since I had finished that book so quickly, I realized that I don’t read as often as I would like. I love to read books, and I really always have. Although, now that I’m a mom who is also working full time, I find it hard to obtain the time to actually sit down and enjoy a good book.

I’ve decided that because I finished one book in January, I will try to keep on this path and continue reading (and finishing) one book each month. I don’t have much of a library other than the books I’ve already read, and I’m wanting to read books that are new to my eyes. A story I have yet to become enthralled in. I would absolutely love some suggestions as to what books you have read that you thoroughly enjoyed. I love reading fiction novels. I also enjoy books that were based off of a true story. I’m not so much into anything too outlandish. Magic is cool though. I’m willing to open my mind to new avenues as well. February is right around the corner, and I’d love to have my next book ready to begin.

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