I don’t know life any other way but to have a sister. I’m the youngest, and my sister is 14 months older than me. It was just the two of us growing up. We have a stepsister as well who is awesome, but she is 9 years older than me, so I don’t have many memories with her from when I was younger. We weren’t exactly going through the same stages in life at the same times. I was in preschool, and she was getting her driver’s permit. I was wondering if any 8th grade boys had a crush on me, and she was in college to become a nurse. We have become closer as we’ve gotten older though. We are both adults with children, and I’d say we are growing closer every year.

My sister and I were so close in age, that my mom would say, “It’s like having twins the hard way.” Often she would say we were “the best of friends but the worst of enemies.” This statement held true throughout our younger years. We would play together (if I was cool enough at that time for her to hang out with me), or we’d be fighting like we’d never speak to each other again.

Our fights were real, but they were also quite funny. When we were little and would fight, our dad could physically separate us. He’s about 6’3″, and has always been in pretty good shape. He and my stepmom worked out religiously for years! As my sister and I grew however, and we would fight/wrestle, our dad would just sit back and say, “Fuck around, fuck around, pretty soon you’re not around.” It never fully made sense to me. I thought it was just one of those “Dad” sayings. Realization finally hit me when my face came awfully close to the corner of our fireplace. Of course! I understood! If we fuck around, we might not be around! DUH! It’s a weird moment when you figure out that something a parent said made sense.


Anyways, so my sister and I fought. Our fights were sort of funny though. It was almost like a game of tag, but with fists. We would run around the house, throwing chairs behind our path to trip up the other one, trying to get to our bedroom. It was basically a race to see who could get the last hit and lock themselves in their room first. That would be the winner of that fight. There was one time I made it to my room, but she made it in behind me before I could shut and lock the door. She pushed my body so hard that I lunged forward, fell into my chair (the kind that is round, almost like a nest), knocked it off it’s base and I crashed into my closet door. Which happened to be a mirror. It cracked like a spider web, and was extremely noticeable. Instead of getting up and pushing her back, I immediately said, “That’s seven years bad luck!” Our fight was over after that. We started laughing as if two seconds earlier she wasn’t trying to shove me through the floor boards.

It’s funny when you become an adult and realize something you and your siblings did that seemed completely normal was actually fairly weird? For instance, the phrase “I get to” was a common one between the two of us. If one of us hit, or flicked, or poked, or whatever, the other one would “get to.” But it had to be the exact same thing. So, if I tugged her ear and then poked her cheek, she would then get to tug my ear and poke my cheek. Literally, the exact same way. If she punched my left calf, I would get to punch her left calf. The old saying, “And eye for an eye” was apparently the code we lived by. We still say, “I get to” to this day. Probably always will.

Other than our hilarious fights (including food/cupcake fights),


my sister is a lot of things to me. She is the one person I know will have my back.


She is the one person that will have a “girl’s night in” at the drop of a hat if I really needed someone to talk to.


She knows how crazy I can be, but she loves me. She makes me feel comfortable being myself.


She’s someone who will be crazy with me (not exactly on my level, but still).


She is the only person I will allow to bully me.


She is my go-to if I want to go out (which is rare).


She’s someone I can just laugh with.


She’s my best friend.


My mom was right. We are the best of friends. We aren’t the worst of enemies anymore now that we’re older. The few times we do get into a fight, we are always over it the next day. Almost like we never had a fight at all. I am so thankful to have grown up with her by my side. We have so many memories and inside jokes, that I will have to talk about those another time.

In true sister-like-form, I will end this with one last photo. The last thing I’ll say is that the one thing we can do, that is most definitely only okay when we do it, is embarrassing each other… Love you sister!!! I’m sure your retaliation will be nothing short of amazing. This picture says to me that you are simply saying, “Eh?”






4 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. The original “twins the hard way” are your mom and I. That quote came from grandma because we are only 11 months apart also referred to as Irish twins!! I really enjoyed this it brought back a lot of memories of our youth. We shared a room until we were a junior and senior in high school so there was no getting away and locking the door!! lol

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  2. Yet another priceless article….i laughed, i cried, all to end with a smile. Keep them coming Mcbels. Your are the best writer ive ever had the pleasure of meeting/road trip doobie bros/being skate park jail bait/ and much much more.


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