Skate Parks

Obviously we all know what these are for. Skateboarders, roller-bladers, bmx-ers… But not to me.

When I think of a skate park, it takes me back to when I was 16. My best friend at the time, Miranda, and I were sort of up to no good.

She had her mom’s minivan (sounds lame, but seriously the most fun vehicle you could have as a teenager). I told my parents I was staying at her house, and she told her mom she was staying at mine. We decided to just park somewhere and sleep in the van that night. That wasn’t what happened. (That picture wasn’t the van, but just to give you an idea of what we were workin with)


Both of our boyfriends lived in Oak Grove at the time, and we were hanging out with them for a while. We had to take them back home and then we weren’t sure what to do next. Did I mention that we smoked a lot of marijuana back then? So, there we were, stoned, with nothing to do. So to think about it, we went to the Oak Grove skate park to just park.

We get there and the parking lot is empty except one lonely car at the very end (we assumed it had been left by someone carpooling). As we pull up to the parking spot, she doesn’t stop as soon as she should have, and the van sort of rocked up onto the curb. It felt like we were in a boat (did I mention we were high?). Well, being the stupid teenagers we were, we kept doing it. She would lightly hit the gas to just bump the curb to make us rock back and forth. The last time, she hit the gas a bit too much, and the van lunged up into the grass.

We looked at each other and sort of just telepathically agreed to keep going… So there we were, driving onto the skate park. We park on it and start blaring the radio. We open the doors, get out, and start dancing on the ramps. We slide down them on our butts, and we were just having a good time. (That picture is literally the skate park we were at. Right where we parked)


Next thing you know, that lonely ole car that we thought was empty, starts up and pulls away. We wave and dance as we are atop the drop-in ramp. Not even 5 minutes later, about 3 cop cars (lights on) pull onto the road towards us. cops

I yell, “COPS! GET DOWN!”

Miranda stoically replies, “There’s a minivan on the skate park. They know we’re here.”

We get off the ramp quickly. But by that time, the police officers were already parked and out of their cars. I can only speak for myself, but my high was gone. They ask us some questions and being the 16 year old that I was, I had an attitude. Big mistake.

They asked if our parents knew where we were, and we both said they did. They threatened to call, but we stayed strong and didn’t admit lying to our parents. They didn’t call (whew!), but they told us to go back to Odessa for the night. We were so relieved!

When we got back into town we decided to go to a party. We got there and told everyone what had just happened. It was a rush, but I’m glad we didn’t get into trouble that night. The remainder of the evening, her and I stayed up all night talking to a couple people we had met at the party. We didn’t end up sleeping in the van. Instead, we slept on the couch of people we had just met (Yes, we were stupid… But we knew people who knew them) Honestly, I don’t remember the next morning, but that night I’ll never forget.

When I hear “skate park”, this is the night I think of each and every time. Oh, and they have since put up guard rails at that particular one. Maybe they don’t want people parking on there in their minivans or something. (This is us about 5-6 years later)


2 thoughts on “Skate Parks

  1. This story brought a tear to my eye. I remember it as if it were yesterday…and I couldn’t have told it better myself. We might be older, we just might be a lil wiser…but we will forever be children at heart. I love you “Jonas”.
    True friends til the end.
    Yours truly, “Isabella”


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