This Parallel Reflection

Written on 9/6/10

I’m looking right at you, what is it that I see?

Nothing but the faults. I see right through me.

This parallel reflection, reminds me of the past.

The hurt and pain and selfishness, did I grow up too fast?

I can think of many ways, for I have done you wrong.

I’ve realized the value of my life, but did it take too long?

I was careless with my body, and I didn’t think things out.

I was living for the moment, I wasn’t one to doubt.

These scars that have accumulated, I used to never mind.

Though now all I feel is guilt, they are all my heart can find.

Through these translucent tears, I see them clear as day.

And every time he touches me, my pulse races when he gets near.

I’m ashamed for what I’ve done, but I can never take it back.

Over the years I have grown stronger, respect for myself is all I lack.

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