Stare of fate

Written on 8/12/10

Your eyes have so much power over me.

They are full of secrets and mysteries.

So intense.

When our eyes look into that deep, passionate stare, my body chills from the rush.

Everything around us stops, and we are frozen in this moment.

We aren’t just looking at each other.

We can see into each other’s hearts.

They are beating in rhythm.

We need not say a word, for we already know the other’s thoughts.

The feeling of love overtakes my brain.

All of my nerve endings are tingling.

You know.

Your strong arms pull me in so close.

My pupils grow wide.

As you caress my bare shoulder, you kiss me.

I go weak. I am yours.

You undress me so gently.

While you take your time touching and kissing my entire body, we find ourselves face to face once more.

We magically become one.

This feeling is uncontrollably overwhelming.

A helpless tear falls off my face and becomes an invisible reminder of the love that was felt.

We both pant heavily as our peaks consume us both.

At last, that same stare that started this moment, has ended it as well.


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