Reasons why I love Travis

I know what you’re thinking… You are probably assuming he told me to write this.

Well, you wouldn’t be completely wrong. He may have nudged me in this direction when I asked him for advice on what to write about today.

However, he doesn’t know what I’m going to say, or even what these reasons are. He should know without a doubt that I, indeed, do love him.

Every relationship has ups and downs. Most women in relationships are “naggy”, over-reactive, over sensitive, like everything their way, and always want to be right. I assure you I am not the only woman out there who can be this way. I can also assure you that men, too, can also be this way.

As long as the reasons you love someone outweigh these not-so-great qualities, then no matter the situation, you’ll come out by each other’s side.

The reasons I love Travis are simple:

  1. He makes me a glass of wine laugh. I seriously have never met someone who can make me even come close to smiling when I’m not in a good mood. But he not only can do that, but he does it so effortlessly.tfun
  2. He buys me wine cute random things. Obviously not all the time, because we generally don’t have extra money. One time he bought me a small little cactus because I inevitably let all flowers die. He figured this would last a little longer.
  3. He gave me a beautiful, wonderful bottle of wine baby boy! He is my whole world and I can’t imagine my life without him. The three of us are a family. A family that’s beyond precious to
  4. He knows what kind of wine food I like. It doesn’t matter where we go, he’ll know exactly what I’ll want, and how I want it. He pretty much knows more about me than anyone ever has. I guess you could say we’re best friends.
  5. He works hard to provide me wine and our family the things we need. He’s working his butt off so hopefully one day (before Harley gets too big) I’ll be able to come back home with him. I miss that more than anything, and he knows it.
  6. He cares about my wine addiction feelings. I’m definitely sensitive, but I love with all I’ve got. He takes the time to try to figure me out and understand where I’m coming from.
  7. He can handle the amount of wine I drink attitude I can most definitely dish out. He’s absolutely a trooper and I think that behind my many flaws, he really sees how much I love him and how much I care. And that’s why I think we can make it through anything.

I could keep going with this list, but I don’t feel the need to get into specifics. Our lives aren’t perfect. We fight, have financial stresses, sometimes get so busy that we forget to slow down to enjoy each other like we used to, but we never fall out of love. We know who each other is deep down, and we are still continuing to learn about one another.

I didn’t want to overshadow the reasons why I really love him earlier, but I did want to mention that he is pretty great at always making sure I have wine as

There! I said it. I was holding that back for a while.

I love you Travis White. More than you could know.

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