I miss you

Written on 7/14/05

Do you ever think of me, and want me in your life?

Is your soul of loneliness, just a blade-less knife?

You are wondering how I know, but the truth is I feel the same.

You’re scared to ask (as am I), we are both afraid of shame.

Sitting alone every night, laying in front of the fire.

Everyone knows what they want, and you are my only desire.

We hung out and talked for weeks, and everything went great.

You just proposed and I said yes. It was as perfect as our first date.

Now we have three kids, and our lives are such bliss.

We got the news of your cancer today, you tell me shoot and please don’t miss.

I will never do it, I love you so very much.

That is not the answer I say, all we need is an angel’s touch.

You come to your senses and start to calm down, you finally agree.

You said your life would be nothing, if you didn’t have a life with me.

It’s been one month and a few days, since the cancer took you away.

I miss you dearly and always will, but tomorrow’s another day.

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