Bucket List

I have always been the girl who thinks a lot. I have a big imagination with outlandish dreams. I have (what they call) champagne taste on a beer budget.

My mind is always going full speed. If you ask Travis, he will vouch for that. He is constantly telling me I need a Xanax or something to slow my mind down.

I love to dream. I love to envision myself in a beautiful home with crazy things inside of it. I suppose I watched Richie Rich too many times growing up. I imagine myself walking in all reaches of the Earth. Doing things not many people have done. Seeing things not many people have seen. Gaining more experiences. More from life.

I know that most of these fantasies I have will never become reality, and I’m more than ok with that. However, there are things that I’ve decided to put on my bucket list that I truly think are attainable. I think it’s wonderful to dream, and to keep your imagination strong. Even into adulthood.

I’ll leave off some of the more absurd and ridiculous things, but here is a list of just 5 things that I most definitely NEED to do before my time on this planet is gone.

  1. Face a fear- I’m thinking swimming with sharks will probably be the best one for this. I’m not scared of many things, but this one is preventing me from ever wanting to enter the ocean.
  2. Visit another country- I was born in the Midwest, and that’s pretty much where I’ve always been. During my adult life that is. I have been to a few other states with my parents when I was a child, however.
  3. Dig for diamonds- I don’t know why this seems so exciting. I heard about it a long time ago, and it just sounds like fun. The chances of me finding anything are fairly slim, but I think it would be fun nonetheless.
  4. Go on a game show- Does this even need an explanation? How fun would that be!?
  5. Learn (to my fullest potential) a new skill- I don’t know what this will be yet. There are so many options. Woodworking, archery, juggling, learn to play a new instrument, learn a new language, etc…

Those are the 5 things that will be accomplished by me at one point or another. You all will know when one is able to be checked off. As soon as I figure out the specifics to #5, I will update and continue to update on my progress.

I hope this has inspired some of you to be more adventurous. Or has maybe taken your imagination on a wild ride to where your own crazy dreams take you. For me, the dreaming will never end, but it’s up to me to take an action to fulfill those dreams.

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