Written on 10/24/05

It doesn’t take much to love,

but it takes a lot to let someone know.

It’s not enough to just say it.

It means much more to make it show.

My heart holds so much emotion,

sometimes I think I’ll explode.

The rollercoaster of love,

was the last ride I ever rode.

I risked it all,

and put my heart on the line.

I’ve lost all control,

nothing is fine.

You rejected me brutally,

left me all alone.

Now I’m crying in the dark,

from the hatred you have shown.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m not in my right mind.

The blood is dripping on the floor.

I should have left the knife behind.

I look at myself in the mirror,

and am suddenly filled with disgust.

My life is so meaningless,

it is merely a spec of dust.

My soul is drifting away slowly,

I am moving toward the light.

These very last breaths I take,

are the last signs of any fight.

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