Butterfly Lashes

I try to move, but I’m unable.

My feet are stuck to the ground.

The tar-like substance has a hold on me.

I reach toward you for help.

Our hands grasp each other’s forearms.

In that instant I become weightless.

I’m floating.

Only grounded by your clutch.

It’s as if I’ve taken on a balloon-like form.

Our eyes meet.

Just then you are in the air with me.

We’ve both become unsubstantial.

We look down at the tarry ground below.

It is now a field of wild flowers.

We slowly fall back down to the Earth.

Settling among the flowers.

Our eyelashes have turned to butterfly wings.

Opening and closing so very slow.

Simply beautiful.

I gaze at you to see what’s next.

As your butterfly lashes slowly close one more time, they open dramatically.

Your iris now rapidly changing hues.

It’s incredible.

There they go again.

Your butterfly lashes start to imprison the ever changing allure.

Finally coming to a merge.

I wait for you to open your eyes again, so I lay down in the flowers.

No sooner than I relax, my hair shoots through the ground.

The strands have become roots.

An enormous tree grows directly above us.

Just as your iris had, the leaves are rapidly changing colors as well.

I wonder if your eyes hidden behind those butterfly lashes are still doing the same.

As quickly as that thought ends, all of the leaves pop of the branches.

All but two leaves fall straight to the ground.

We are no longer in a field of wild flowers.

It’s turned dark and ominous.

The remaining leaves are still falling.

Seemingly not getting any closer to the ground.

Swaying back and forth as if they are dancing.

The faint sound of a piano is in the background.

They ARE dancing.

I look at you once more.

Your butterfly lashes reopen.

Giant diamonds have taken the place of your hue changing iris.

They are resting in your hollow sockets.

Just as I begin to feel uneasy, the diamonds fall.

They bounce off of each leaf, crystallizing everything they touch.

We are surrounded by transparent sculptures that resemble ice.

Your sockets that once held diamonds are once again your normal eyes.

We watch the dancing leaves together.

They are closer to us now.

One lands on each of us.

They aren’t leaves at all.

They seem to be patches of velvet.

Our skin absorbs them and we take on their form.

Bodies of velvet, with butterfly wings for lashes.

We are marvelous.

You lean in to kiss my velvety lips.

Just as we meet, I wake up.

It was only a dream.

What a dreadful thing to have to leave that place with you.




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