I love his everything

A poem about my son, Harley. 

I wake to the sound of his majestic giggle,

he wants to come out and play.

With his bottom in the air, he gives a small wiggle.

And just like that, he’s already made my day.

With an exaggerated reach towards me,

I happily pull him close.

It must be nice to be so care free,

for love is all he knows.

His brown eyes, so big and alluring,

are truly gentle and kind.

His gaze into mine, is quite reassuring,

that from now until forever, we’ll be intertwined.

The flash of his excited smile,

warms me down to the depths of my core.

From ear to ear, it could go on for miles.

His entire being I simply adore.

His velvety skin, soft from fingers to toes.

Remains thus far untainted.

Scented of lavender when I breathe in close,

I become intoxicated.

His miniature arms, grasp around me so tight,

I never want him to let go.

In this very moment, everything seems alright.

My love for you is all I know.







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