Daily Prompt: Calm

via Daily Prompt: Calm

Instantly, when I think of the word “calm” I imagine being on the bank of the lake where my Grandpa lived. On a 75 degree day with no wind and only an occasional breeze. In the middle of summer as the sun is just starting to fall below the peak of the day. My skin being so gently warmed from it. I imagine my family all together laughing, eating good food (probably fish we had just caught that day), and genuinely just enjoying each other’s company.

As I’ve gotten older and experienced more that life has to offer (the good and the bad), the word “calm” strips that original image from my mind and has replaced it with knowing a storm is brewing. Life can be wonderfully calm at times, but I’ve learned that those times seem so wonderful because of what follows. In my life, it has been followed by financial stress, family bonds being broken, even death.

The chaos of life is a constant balance between the calm and the storm. Both of which couldn’t exist without the other. If life was always calm, I believe relationships, material things, and even life itself would go unappreciated. Ensuring a person never truly knows the value of anything. On the other end of the spectrum (if life were always a storm), I believe that those same things may not be obtained. Leaving a person feeling empty, unconnected, and maybe even suicidal.

The word “calm” can make you reminisce in memories that flood your heart with happiness. Or that very same word can make you prepare your mind for the unavoidable storm that life will surely bring.


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